Artist statement

As an artist, my work is about personal narrative and identity based on relationships between myself and others. These relationships give me occasion to think about what my status is when I am with someone, and then I begin to ponder the universality of that status within the human condition. I perceive that I bring pre-existing duties, rules and ethics to that relationship. Names, such as a mom, a wife, a daughter, an artist, represent my relationships with each group of people with whom I engage. What name I am called defines how I am bound by societal responsibilities, as if by an invisible string, in these relationships. It is as though I am wound about by a number of strings, by as many strings as I have names. A string can be filled with snarls in an instant if I evade the obligations of a name or a society, and this can cause my other strings to tangle together easily.

As a woman, one of my leading concepts is the symbolic use of the female figure in many of my works. My pieces are created out of diverse materials, including installations, drawings, paintings, and photographs. My work explores the differences between what is, and what is expected, and what is perceived, by me and by those relating to me.